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when i was four, i wanted a princess sparkles doll. in my relentless strife to acquire said doll, i partook in a scratch fight with my friend and fellow YMCA indian princess, meredith. it was her doll, her house, her seemingly sparkle-life that i coveted. she ultimately had longer claws, so she won. i can still remember my mom dabbing pink lotion on my chest and neck, and tugging on my little mermaid shirt. the shirt featured arial on a rock, her red hair flowing down her back, singing. the picture was outlined in a thin layer of silver glitter pen, only it was the classy 80's kind. not necessarily the kind you apply yourself, a la the modern day equivalent of a bedazzler. at any rate, i accordingly adopted the mermaid's bitchin' lifestyle, sans singing. or at least, singing in public.

ever since my fateful demise, i've been attracted to shiny things. i wanted a metal detector at a young age, and was convinced i would unearth some sacred pirate booty on the beach. now, i just buy shiny things and am attracted to sequined tank tops at express and diamond encrusted bulova watches and shiny plates from the urban outfitters clearance section at northpark. in my four year-old mind, shiny equaled fabulous, and the sick ritual of perpetually caving into these twisted blinging desires has resulted in relentless, sick shopping sprees of epic, disgusting proportion. i rationalize them in various ways, but the fact remains... even when i'm eying the nordstroms monster shoe sale and attaching sexy pink heels to my feet for a few glorious moments, i'm still that little girl in the little mermaid shirt, wanting to be princess sparkles with the light up headband-bow attached to my head. go figure.
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