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i never knew just what it was about this old coffee shop i loved so much

all of the while,
i never knew...
all of the while,
it was you.

do yourself a favor, and listen to "coffee shop" by landon pigg while you're spooning to sleep. it's one of the most disgustingly cute things you can do with your significant other or significant whatever or drunken stranger. although i haven't played the "let's spoon with a total drunken stranger" game since the old days of dorm life at texas state, i don't think.

whatevz, just do it.

so i've decided this is one of those times in my life that i'm going to reflect on, and either absolutely adore or absolutely hate. only in hindsight will i be able so say. until then, i'm just floating.

i don't have any nyquil or dayquil or the like, and i feel like my nose is going to explode. is it wrong to take hydrocodone? i don't think i entirely care. my knee is still screwed up until further notice (wooo another MONTH of PT), and i'm choosing to rationalize taking a pain killer to knock me out. after all... i'm one hell of a rationalizer. and accordingly, i'll help you rationalize anything. like driving to three places (garland, greenville ave, and deep ellum) with kirsten on saturday in our pajamas for the sake of piercing our ears on a whim at 1 in the morning after closing. this, by the by, was unsuccessful, as any descent place is closed at that hour.

i really have made some damn good friends this year. which pretty much rules.

my sinuses feel as if they will explode, which i can really only attribute to the fact that my water heater decided to break and gush water while i was gone this weekend, and i came home at midnight last night to find my laundry room somewhat flooded. i'm assuming that could probably irritate my allergies from these gloriously globally-warmed past couple of days. i'm, however, thankful that the water didn't reach anywhere else, but even with the new water heater (installed at 7:45 AM by my 80 year-old, dickies jumpsuit-wearing landlord)& sans most of the water that i mopped up last night, my floor is still squishy. i hope it grows mold and mildew and turns [more] colors. i'd probably turn colors of whelpy red and white in return. i kind of like the word whelpy, by the byyyy. 2 am inventions at their finest.

time to go make ridiculous soup with japanese instructions, high sodium (but few calories). i win at life, and i'm really digging this sugar cookie flavored lip balm. kirklands, we should be in a committed relationship and put that shit on facebook.
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