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because i can

I AM: leslieee
CURRENT HAIR COLOR: brown, same as it's been for the past 21 years
I WANT: to be able to fall back asleep
I HAVE: a headache
I HURT: my knee in sexy boots tonight while climbing stairs
I LOVE: music.
I HATE: cottage cheese
I HOPE: for too many things to list
I FEEL: hungover, already
I HIDE: under the covers.
I DRIVE: too often, and occasionally to clear my head
I LEARNED: about 8,000 life lessons over the past year
I NEED: my questions answered, always
I WONDER: what my bank account looks like...
I ACHE: during physical therapy
I DANCE: drunkenly
I SING: along
I CRY: privately
I NEVER: is a fun drinking game.
I CONFUSE: people unintentionally, if at all
I SHOULD: drink water
ONE MINUTE AGO: i was typing.
ONE HOUR AGO: i was sleeping.
ONE DAY AGO: i was planning.

ouch, why did i make the world such strong drinks tonight?
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