neutral_spree (neutral_spree) wrote,

cheers, darlin'

today, i worked on an on-going playlist entitled "let's go on an adventure."
the verdict:

1. peter bjorn & john - young folks
2. animal collective - leaf house
3. arcade fire - windowsill
4. laura veirs - don't lose yourself
5. andrew bird - heretics
6. the national - fake empire
7. unkle bob - hit parade
8. the reindeer section - raindrop
9. pinback - penelope
10. a.c. newman - drink to me, babe, then
11. rolling stones - wild horses
12. sufjan stevens - chicago (acoustic)
13. the six parts seven - what can we just make out

my weekend truly was full of adventures, which i loved, as i'm always looking for new adventures to embark on. i finally had some excuses to leave the tcu & downtown areas of ft worth. i hope the world provides me with more, and soon. q-dropping classes = loads of extra time.

looking forward to christmas & all that that entails, verily. gingerbread white mochas & i are starting up our very loving relationship once more. and bing crosby & frank sinatra christmas music already visited my car, whoops. i can't wait until my parents' christmas party this year, and only hope that my brother drinks straight makers mark and sings "dick in a box" to our entire neighborhood (again).

well, radio in 8 hours, so...
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