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i'm so excited! i'm so excited! i'm so... scared

i'd like to refer to today as a cracking day,
when the world swallows you whole.

such days occur every so often, but i find it only appropriate to hide them under rugs or in shoeboxes under my bed these days. sluts get cuts.

so here's the skinny:
- my left knee is fat. i won't even be kind and call it plump.
- dressing up as miss audrey hepburn last night ruled, even though i froze my ass off.
- forbidden love EP, please sing me my life/sing me to sleep.
- q dropping ahoy? instantaneous relief, but come spring, it will sting if i do not in fact graduate on time (a rather probable possibility at this point, too).


my dog is obese and precious, and smells like garbage can bbq. she's a good substitute for cuddling and affection during home visits, or at least until i find a big spoon again some day. ho ho ho and a bottle of target brand acetaminophen.
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