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everyone knows everyone

i've eaten incredibly healthy this weekend, and yet i still feel like i'm going to throw up. we cooked the weekly sunday night vegan dinner. this week was oriental. it included baby spinach leaf salad with walnuts and light raspberry kiwi vinaigrette dressing (yes, vegan), edomame with oriental vegetables, miso soup with tofu, rachel's amazing general tso's tofu with white rice, and vegan eggrolls, topped off with a bottle of wine. thank you for being my bff for life, central market. and also for robbing my bank account, and surprisingly not carding me when i'm rocking some pretty heinous low pigtails.

speaking of drinking.

i think the reason i feel shitty right now is the amount of alcohol consumed on various occassions this weekend. let's review, shall we? i count thursday night - sunday a weekend, fyi:

thursday: ashley & i share 2 pitchers of shiner at the pub. roughly 4 1/2 - 5 mugs o beer.
friday: 1 fat tire at spiral diner with rachel
saturday: 1 glass of chardonnay at mimi's with my parents, 3 cosmopolitans at chilli's with kelly (of all places), a shot of jager, and a little beer
sunday: 2 1/2 glasses of red wine.


i feel sick.

i feel grossed out by my life as a drunkard. i'm still amazed that i was able to squeeze (and i mean fucking squeeze) into the pair of size 4 gap straight leg jeans at plato's closet that i ended up purchasing today. they're my motivation to lose a few more pounds, but this isn't going to happen until i'm more physically active, which won't happen until i can work out, which won't happen until i go to physical therapy because my knee still hates me from time to time from accident bullshit. i've been too lazy to go, and also busy with school and radio shifts lately (sounds lame, but it's true).

i also have a lot to say about other bullshit, like pets (namely rilo the cat). that's another soap box for another day, though.

i feel drained.

radio in 9 hours = time for a shower and sleep.
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