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hot dog rapery and other classy shit.

if only life were as simple as being raped by a 7 foot weiner at harry's hotdogs on mckinney avenue. i need a new user pic. haha. user pic. LOLZ.

i just got dressed up (even though it's snowing...) for a dinner date with tess. i changed my clothes a million times and found myself saving a bunch of new clothes/outfits for imaginary dates i've somehow dreamed up in the future. not with anyone in particular. but still, what? when did i become so lame? and why didn't i take advantage of dressing up more often and having classy dinner dates when i had a boyfriend? the only classy thing i do these days is take the world for a spin in my shitty ass rental car. one more day! hopefully...

so speaking of dates and whatnot, i'm very content with where i am right now and not looking for a boyfriend. for once in my life, i'm not being nostalgic as fuck over past relationships and whatnot. however, i look sexy sexy right now, if i do say so myself. the "sorority poof" in my hair is questionable, though...

i have started up my relationship with turkish silvers again, but anyone who knows me realizes that i never get addicted to actual cigarettes; rather, i get addicted to conversations over cigarettes, aka conversations that never would have happened because class and smoke breaks are the only reason i go outside these days. i'll most likely quit when i find solace, and that hasn't happened yet. so til then, i'm doubling up on the cancer. shhhh.

sex & the city marathon is officially over. ashley and i finished season six today. i laughed. i cried. i "aw!"-ed. and now all i want is a cosmopolitan. one week! i expect to see you all at my party, and i'll probably frown at you if you don't come.

sometimes i am far too idealistic for my own good but at least i have silly things to occupy my thoughts rather than the longing for said things.

french onion soup ahoy!
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