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i read a lot about the elephant 6 collective today, and let me just tell you that partaking in such extensive reading only furthered my fascination with my favorite band of life. that's all. jeff mangum is a genius. & that's that.

getting pictures developed from cds and buying birthday presents eats up my paychecks. booo. dear starbucks, please pay me more... love, leslie.

this is my life music right now, and the mix that both sings me to sleep & occupies my speakers whilst driving. if you have any of these songs, i highly suggest sticking them into a play list & filling in the rest via soulseek or limewire or something else equally illegal/amazing:

1. the reindeer section* - will you please be there for me?
2. joseph arthur - honey & the moon
3. rogue wave - california
4. josh ritter - girl in the war
5. lullaby for the working class - wounded spider
6. gillian welch - black star
7. damien rice - amie
8. the decemberists - we both go down together
9. elton john - tiny dancer
10. travis - flowers in your window
11. the shins - know your onion!
12. beta band - dry the rain
13. radiohead - i can't
14. halloween alaska - drowned
15. spoon - something to look forward to
16. rilo kiley - portions for foxes
17. animal collective - leaf house

oh yeah


the decemberists are touring this fall! who's in?
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