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a long drives in the summer far surpasses most other long drives, simply because summer sunsets induce that calm soothing loveliness and oh how i do indeed love it so. even when i smell lightly of coffee and my hair is still half wet and the only thing i have to look forward to upon arriving home is reading two chapters of charlottes web to my second cousin in a vain attempt to make her fall asleep for the very last time. i'm finally understanding her, though. so i suppose that's something.

old memories and austin, texas continually gnaw at me. sometimes you have no idea how brilliant certain aspects of your life are until they are gone. but when you do indeed realize how amazing they are during those moments, they cling to you.. always. i kind of long for all of that again. i'm still waiting for the day and the occassion that surpasses all of that. it will come again and take me by surprise, only this time i'll indulge in its amazingness even more so.

i'm going to miss rockwall terribly. no more impromptu midnight drives to cafe brazil or eating chiloso or sparklers on back porches or seeing some of my best friends on a dialy basis or working at a rockwall starbucks (the other stores quite simply are not the same). i can't have summer forever, and i probably wouldn't be able to stand it forever. but still. i'm not ready for summer to end so abruptly. rockwall, you've got me for a couple more weeks until i'm property of fort worth... which is by no means far, but it is different.

you gotta rock yourself a little harder -
pretend the dove from above is a dragon & your feet are on fire.
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